7 Great Apps for a Productive Entrepreneur

7 Great Apps for a Productive Entrepreneur

by Alicia on November 30, 2012

in iPhone Gadgets & Apps

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As an entrepreneur, you need all the help you can get and that includes gadgets and technology. Here are the best apps to keep you productive every single day.

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Action Method

Action Method

Action Method is an online app that helps you keep your to-do lists organized. You can also track and delegate tasks using this app. You can use a color code system to set which tasks are of highest priority. There are 3 colors you can use for each task. You can then use this color code system for your calendar or other lists. You need to be online to be able to access this app. If you need to keep track of your schedule while travelling, it’s better to just print a hardcopy before you leave.

This app is compatible with the iPhone and Android phones.



You are constantly bombarded by hundreds of emails every day. If you want to keep your email organized and your day sane, try Sanebox. It uses algorithms to set which email is important and which is not.

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As the name suggests, Evernote organizes all your notes. You can store them in the cloud and access them from any mobile device or from your laptop. You can use Evernote for both business and personal functions. You can create different notebooks according to a project/task/title/theme. Evernote is available on the iPhone and Android.



With HootSuite, you no longer have to visit your social media accounts one by one. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and LinkedIn all in one place. You can also auto schedule your posts to save more time. By scheduling posts, you can be sure that you have something up in each of your accounts every day.

HootSuite is compatible with both the Android and iPhone.



TripIt is best for the frequent traveller. You can now file all your itineraries in one place. You can program TripIt to send your itinerary to whomever you wish to. If you get the Pro version, the app will alert you if there are any flight delays or gate changes.

This is available on the iPhone and Android.



As an entrepreneur, you have to be strong and healthy to be able to tackle your daily challenges. Keeping in shape can be a challenge especially if you don’t have time to go to the gym. Download miCoach and you can have your own personal trainer. You can set different workouts according to your schedule. Buy the stride sensor and the heart rate monitor for best results.

This is compatible for both iPhone and Android.



Finally, you need a good night’s sleep to be able to do it all again the following day. iSleep is a meditation app that helps you sleep better. Entrepreneurs say that this app is very helpful especially if you have a ton of things on your mind and you can’t sleep or if you have a bad case of jet lag.

With these apps, you can be sure to finish your work on time and have some leftover time for yourself and your loved ones.

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 7 Great Apps for a Productive Entrepreneur

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ipad decals December 1, 2012 at 9:36 pm

This is a great list of apps that can be used and to be honest i didn’t now any of these existed . I could definitely use an app like action method because i am constantly forgetting what i have to do. I see that you are quite the entrepreneur online and i was interested in how it all started for you ?


david January 5, 2013 at 5:29 am

You should try either of these apps available on the App Store. Future Scheduler and Location Alerts Productivity apps, they are pretty cool. I am amazed with this app!!! Works perfect for me!


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