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April 21, 2009

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Bradley Baum January 24, 2013 at 10:04 pm

I just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed your writeup about the HTC OneX+ which is my current phone. This android is iPhones equivalent and some. The phone arena now is a cluster of good phones. HTC One X being the prettiest of them all. I purchased a One X two months ago on contract and realized its a no brainer to upgrade to the plus for the extra $99. The 64gb of storage and quad core upgrade are well worth that, though it is to be seen whether Jelly Bean is much of an improvement. I miss the way that IceCream sandwich felt when you swiped left and right in the applications screen…It would twirl around in a circle rather than what I see now, a blank screen for a half a second. Granted that is a small thing but noticeable, even to an amateur like me. Otherwise Ive found the phone to work seamlessly and thinking to myself, “My God they’ve done it, they’ve really done it!!” beating the iPhone is spades. I’m hoping that HTC and NVidia have something in store to unlock the potential of this quad-core processor. It only beats the OneX in page load times, otherwise they are identical and operate the Sense software equally. As a PC guy, my choice for this phone was sold on the fact that NVidia has its own chipsets to compete with Qualcomm’s ARM processors. The Apple i believe has some 14 or 16 ARM chips to drive its core. I’m not sure if they were ones crossed over from the fizzling Blackberry handset. But one thing is for sure, make no mistake about it, Apples phone is outdated and will not survive the onslaught of victory much longer. Back to the OneX+. The graphics are stunning, but unlike you, I have run into some freezing during games like Auralux or Mass Effect. These are top tier games that put this processor through its paces. If your phone is not on airplane mode, you can expect interruptions that will stall the OS and the heat!!! Oh my gosh, I thought my Otterbox was going to catch on fire one time!! Battery life will be sub par using intense graphics though. As far as cameras go, I absolutely love the 8mp camera and its burst mode. Sometimes its finicky and takes too many pictures, but the control and features of the camera are on a stellar level, and whom ever heard of taking too many pictures? Delete them afterwards. You can take up to 100 pictures I believe and it captures motion like no other phone camera I have ever tried. One note I am adding is that I wish there were a designated camera button on this beast. Its only rivaled by the quality of the Nokia Lumia 920′s abilities in low light situations. I can assure you though its the only advantage Nokia has over any of the new smartphones. What good is the best in class camera when Windows doesn’t even have Instagram to upload them too? Its farther reaching problem is wanting to be like apple and utilizing DRM to protect intellectual property. Windows is already lagging in sales as they are offering them buy one get one free. At any rate, I continuously look for articles that praise the OneX+ over its rivals. It is by far a snap to use. HTC sense also has HTC Watch to rent or buy video downloads and as long as you have WI-fi there should be no problems. AT&T has made good on its 4G LTE network. And of note is AT&T’s customer service department. Almost equaling Verizon. I only mention AT&T because the OneX+ is an exclusive on the US network. I may have purchased the OneX with 32gb otherwise. As it stands, I have yet to fully unlock the capabilities of the OneX+ and expect pleasant surprises from NVidia and Android updates. Its truly the best phone I have ever owned. And I still have my HTC Thunderbolt running Android 2.2.1, them bastards at Verizon!!! We have yet to see the HTC Butterfly which is rumored to trump this phone and go one-on-one with the RazrMax HD. That said, I am completely satisfied with the OneX+ and will be for the next two years. As for your blog, I think I shall give it a whirl though it might be hard to tell, I’m not much of a writer. Lets call it I was inspired by divine providence and the Gadget Goddess was the deliverer.

Good Day and Merry Blogging
Bradley Baum

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